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Journal Move

August 20th, 2007 (07:57 am)

I've had this journal for approaching five years, & over that time, a hell of a lot has happened in my life, some awesome, some not so awesome, & I'm certainly a far different person now than I was two or three years ago.

A bit of a read through some of my older entries has made me decide that although I want to keep this journal for personal purposes, I don't necessarily want other people to read back through it. Even though most people were there, read those entries at the time - well, I'm sure those people understand even more why I'd prefer to close the door, so to speak, on certain times of my life.

I can't be bothered at all with going back through several years worth of entries & making them all private, so I'm simply moving journals. I've removed everyone from this journal, & added everyone to the new one. I think I got everyone, anyway, but if I've missed you, please feel free to add anyway. Likewise, if you don't want to add me back, no offense taken.



Posted by: feuermaus (feuermaus)
Posted at: August 20th, 2007 08:25 am (UTC)

If you have a paid account you can bulk transfer all your entries into friends only/private mode. I think D. actually ended up buying a month's worth of paid time to do just that so he could keep the journal but lock it down (more so someone else couldn't get his user name as I think they're purged after a certain amount of time aren't they?)
Will add your new one now :)

Posted by: Amelia G (greasedtrigger)
Posted at: August 20th, 2007 11:14 am (UTC)

Ahh, I didn't know that, about the bulk transfer -_- Ah well, moved now. I'm gradually moving everything into 'Greased Trigger' anyway, got the .co.uk registered & I'm retiring Dissolution Industries as my website for numerous reasons.

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